Smith & Nephew Project: UDI

Smith & Nephew Project: UDI

Smith & Nephew is a leading global medical device manufacturer. Their base in Hull specialises in the manufacture of wound management products.

Within the manufacture of medical devices there are strict standards that must be adhered too. These are set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). One of these standards is to implement a UDI system for each manufactured product. This will ensure that there is a “track and trace” through the product’s life, from manufacture to distribution and use.

The Project Team at Smith & Nephew have developed a new product which is ready to be handed over to the Engineering Team. It is imperative that the product can be manufactured seamlessly with all aspects of its manufacture working without failure, and with as little “downtime” as possible.

As part of the Engineering Team, students have been tasked by the Engineering Manager to develop a maintenance plan to secure the continued operation of the UDI aspect of the manufacture. The maintenance plan needs to encompass strategies running from shop floor-based autonomous maintenance (which can be carried out by an Operator) through to planned interval based maintenance and data-driven condition-based maintenance (which is carried out by the Central Engineering Department).

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